The majority of Australians already support same-sex marriage, but Malcolm Turnbull is still holding an expensive $160m plebiscite in an attempt to avoid angering the far-right of his party. Labor has made a formal commitment to introduce marriage equality in the first 100 days of government. Simple as that. No expensive plebiscites, no divisive campaigns, we’ll just get it done. 




Climate change is real. 

I know that, and I’m proud to part of a party that understands the nature and extent of the challenge facing Australia.

A Labor Government will restore commitment, coherence and realistic targets to Australia’s fight against climate change. The Turnbull Government cannot continue to ignore the science or the economic opportunities a clean energy future offers Australia. 

We will honour our ambitious commitment that fifty percent of Australia’s electricity will be generated using renewable energy sources by 2030. We will fight the cuts to investment, renewables and clean energy technology made by the Abbott Government, and followed by Malcolm Turnbull. We will work with industry, business, the finance community, scientists, researchers and consumers to ensure our policy settings are correct. 

Labor is the only party with a clear, economically and environmentally responsible plan for confronting the challenges of climate change. More information on our policies is available here:



Our children are our future. 

Nothing is more important than their welfare and education.

Under Labor, the Gonski funding reforms will be delivered on time and in full. That means a $37.3 billion investment over ten years that will see every child in every school funded on a basis of need, supported by clear benchmarks. 

We will reverse the Turnbull government’s cuts to education. Walking away from federal funding of public schools is not the answer, whatever the question. Labor will not abandon our schools, and has made the difficult decisions on taxation and savings necessary to ensure that our schools are fully funded and supported over the next decade. 

I believe that access to affordable childcare is the next great battle in the fight for equality of opportunity. Families in Wentworth need access to reliable, affordable childcare options, and I will be a strong voice in advocating that cause. More information on Labor’s childcare and education policies are available here: