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You don't go into politics for flippant reasons. I was a young man who believed in the republic, in equality, in true opportunity. Now I’m a grown man with two young sons. Every night I look into their eyes and I think, "Are they going to have to wait another generation for reform, just because our current leaders think it's too hard?
I’m sick of being told to wait until tomorrow for reforms we need today. We need courage, not languid complacency. I’m here to fight for a new culture, and to stand up for the promises I make to you as voters. Our future’s too important not to demand real answers and action from our leaders. That’s why I’m standing for Wentworth. 

I believe that:

- Marriage equality must happen now;
- Fighting Climate Change involves more than planting trees; 
- An Australian Republic needs champions, not excuses; 
- Every dollar of Gonski funding is needed.
  Education is everything
- Access to childcare is the next battlefront in reform.