Climate change is real. 

I know that, and I’m proud to part of a party that understands the nature and extent of the challenge facing Australia.

A Labor Government will restore commitment, coherence and realistic targets to Australia’s fight against climate change. The Turnbull Government cannot continue to ignore the science or the economic opportunities a clean energy future offers Australia. 

We will honour our ambitious commitment that fifty percent of Australia’s electricity will be generated using renewable energy sources by 2030. We will fight the cuts to investment, renewables and clean energy technology made by the Abbott Government, and entrenched by Malcolm Turnbull. We will work with industry, business, the finance community, scientists, researchers and consumers to ensure our policy settings are correct. 

The Liberal Party has no intention, plan or policy to prevent catastrophic climate change. Many members of the Turnbull Government doubt the science, and have openly questioned the threat on the floor of the Australian Parliament.

Labor is committed to the fight against climate change. The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was our vision, and Australia’s chance to get ahead of this growing market and become a world leader in carbon trading. The Turnbull Government cannot be allowed the chance to squander that opportunity any further.

A Vote for Evan Hughes is A Vote for a Sustainable Environment