Evan Hughes is proud to stand with all Australians who believe it's time for marriage equality in Australia.

Labor’s policy on marriage equality is clear and simple.

The majority of Australians already support same-sex marriage, but Malcolm Turnbull is still holding an expensive $160m plebiscite in an attempt to avoid angering the far-right of his party. Labor has made a formal commitment to introduce marriage equality in the first 100 days of government. Simple as that. No expensive plebiscites, no divisive campaigns, we’ll just get it done. 

The day I married my wife Kate was the happiest day of my life. There is no conscionable reason that anyone else should be deprived of that right, regardless of their gender or sexuality. I’ll be proud to stand with a Labor Government to continue the fight for equality, to ensure that LGBT Australians are not discriminated against in any aspect of their lives.

For more information, see here: http://www.alp.org.au/it_s_time_for_marriage_equality


A Vote for Evan Hughes is A Vote for Marriage Equality