Education is everything.

I believe passionately that opportunity in life should not depend on your postcode or your bank balance. Labor wants your child to be given the same chance to succeed at school as any other child in the country. Our policy is designed to ensure that school funding goes where it is most needed — to ensure the best education outcome for all Australian kids.

Under Labor, the Gonski funding reforms will be delivered on time and in full. That means a $37.3 billion investment over ten years that will see every child in every school funded on a basis of need, supported by clear benchmarks. 

Additional school funding is an investment, and we want to see the best possible return for every student, and as a country.

Labor is putting education at the centre of our program for government. 

For the Prime Minister to talk about innovation while he is cutting funding to schools, TAFE and universities is just that – nothing but talk.

We will reverse the Turnbull government’s cuts to education. Walking away from federal funding of public schools is not the answer, whatever the question. Labor will not abandon our schools, and has made the difficult decisions on taxation and savings necessary to ensure that our schools are fully funded and supported over the next decade. 

When it comes to University education, we will fight the Turnbull Government’s plan to introduce one hundred thousand dollar university degrees. We will fight to ensure that student loans are managed fairly, unlike the Turnbull Government, who are considering making students pay bigger HECS loans back earlier. 

Labor will also make significant investments in higher education which, from 2018, will boost per student funding by $2,500 a year, compared with the Liberals’ plan. We will also drive a significant quality and completions agenda so that, by 2020, there will be 20,000 more graduates per year. 

Labor has already announced our plans for a strong TAFE and a stronger vocational education sector through the TAFE funding guarantee.

Labor will protect education. And I’m proud to be part of a team building that future. 

More information on our education policies is available here


A vote for Evan Hughes is a vote securing the education of the next generation of Australians.