Evan Hughes Supports the Arts Community and will restore funding cuts

Politicians shouldn’t decide what stories we can and can’t hear.

The Coalition Government has cut funding to the Australia Council and put Mitch Fifield in charge of a $104.7 million dollar Ministerial slushfund. 

But arts funding should be allocated on merit, not according to the whims of a Minister.

The policies of the Turnbull and Abbott Governments have had a deeply damaging impact on this community. Important, respected organisations have been defunded.  Compelling voices have been silenced. Jobs have been lost. The Liberal Party’s decision to destroy the arts is simply a disgrace.  

The Labor party commits to righting those wrongs, and we will fight to protect the arts. 

Labor has committed to the following funding and programs if elected to Government. 

 Labor will restore the vital funding that George Brandis stripped from the Australia Council to establish Catalyst. We will close the Catalyst fund and restore all remaining funding to the Australia Council. 

Together with that $32 million, we will provide $20 million a year in new funding for the Australia council over four years, commencing in 2017. 

Labor will increase the Regional Arts Fund by $8 million over four years from 2017, in addition to its current funding, doubling the size of Federal support for regional touring.

We will strengthen the contemporary live music industry by creating “Sounds Australia”, an umbrella organisation to develop and deliver export, domestic and content management strategies, facilitating job growth across the entire music industry.

Labor will invest an additional $60 million in the ABC over three years to produce local drama series, strengthening our domestic television industry.  

We will introduce additional funding to support classroom music programs, to ensure that all students have access to the creative industries from an early stage. 

Most importantly, the Labor party commits to valuing the importance of the arts as a fundamental part of Australia’s society, economy and identity. The ALP is the party of the arts, and would never engage in the kind of ruthless, arrogant and sudden changes to arts funding that this Government has embarked on. 

We will stand by the arts community, and help them rebuild following the damage the Turnbull Abbott Government has done. We commit to listening to them, and respecting their value and importance to Australia and its economy.

To find out how you can support, please click here to help save Independent Arts Funding http://www.alp.org.au/independentarts

A Vote for Evan is a Vote to protect this Nation’s Artists. 

Evan Hughes Supports improvement in schools throughout Australia


Education is everything.

I believe passionately that opportunity in life should not depend on your postcode or your bank balance. Labor wants your child to be given the same chance to succeed at school as any other child in the country. Our policy is designed to ensure that school funding goes where it is most needed — to ensure the best education outcome for all Australian kids.

Under Labor, the Gonski funding reforms will be delivered on time and in full. That means a $37.3 billion investment over ten years that will see every child in every school funded on a basis of need, supported by clear benchmarks. 

Additional school funding is an investment, and we want to see the best possible return for every student, and as a country.

Labor is putting education at the centre of our program for government. 

For the Prime Minister to talk about innovation while he is cutting funding to schools, TAFE and universities is just that – nothing but talk.

We will reverse the Turnbull government’s cuts to education. Walking away from federal funding of public schools is not the answer, whatever the question. Labor will not abandon our schools, and has made the difficult decisions on taxation and savings necessary to ensure that our schools are fully funded and supported over the next decade. 

When it comes to University education, we will fight the Turnbull Government’s plan to introduce one hundred thousand dollar university degrees. We will fight to ensure that student loans are managed fairly, unlike the Turnbull Government, who are considering making students pay bigger HECS loans back earlier. 

Labor will also make significant investments in higher education which, from 2018, will boost per student funding by $2,500 a year, compared with the Liberals’ plan. We will also drive a significant quality and completions agenda so that, by 2020, there will be 20,000 more graduates per year. 

Labor has already announced our plans for a strong TAFE and a stronger vocational education sector through the TAFE funding guarantee.

Labor will protect education. And I’m proud to be part of a team building that future. 

More information on our education policies is available here


A vote for Evan Hughes is a vote securing the education of the next generation of Australians.

Evan Hughes Wants to Save Medicare

All Australians should be able to access healthcare when and where they need it.

That’s why Labor believes access to health care should rely on your Medicare card not your credit card.

Mr Turnbull has already cut billions from Medicare and wants to privatise the system. Privatising Medicare is the last thing Australia needs – but staggeringly it’s one of the first things Mr Turnbull wants to do.

Labor gave Australians Medicare and we will always protect it. We believe that selling off Medicare is absolutely the wrong way to go, and we will fight Mr Turnbull on this tooth and nail.

Mr Turnbull also wants to privatise the Medicare payments system, putting patient records and 1,400 jobs at risk. 

Privatising Medicare will be the end of Medicare as we know it - nobody wants to head down the same path as America when it comes to our health care system.

A vote for Evan Hughes, is a vote to Save Medicare. 

Evan Hughes Supports Marriage Equality in first 100 days of Government

Evan Hughes is proud to stand with all Australians who believe it's time for marriage equality in Australia.

Labor’s policy on marriage equality is clear and simple.

The majority of Australians already support same-sex marriage, but Malcolm Turnbull is still holding an expensive $160m plebiscite in an attempt to avoid angering the far-right of his party. Labor has made a formal commitment to introduce marriage equality in the first 100 days of government. Simple as that. No expensive plebiscites, no divisive campaigns, we’ll just get it done. 

The day I married my wife Kate was the happiest day of my life. There is no conscionable reason that anyone else should be deprived of that right, regardless of their gender or sexuality. I’ll be proud to stand with a Labor Government to continue the fight for equality, to ensure that LGBT Australians are not discriminated against in any aspect of their lives.

For more information, see here: http://www.alp.org.au/it_s_time_for_marriage_equality


A Vote for Evan Hughes is A Vote for Marriage Equality

Evan Hughes Wants To Act On Climate Change NOW!

Climate change is real. 

I know that, and I’m proud to part of a party that understands the nature and extent of the challenge facing Australia.

A Labor Government will restore commitment, coherence and realistic targets to Australia’s fight against climate change. The Turnbull Government cannot continue to ignore the science or the economic opportunities a clean energy future offers Australia. 

We will honour our ambitious commitment that fifty percent of Australia’s electricity will be generated using renewable energy sources by 2030. We will fight the cuts to investment, renewables and clean energy technology made by the Abbott Government, and entrenched by Malcolm Turnbull. We will work with industry, business, the finance community, scientists, researchers and consumers to ensure our policy settings are correct. 

The Liberal Party has no intention, plan or policy to prevent catastrophic climate change. Many members of the Turnbull Government doubt the science, and have openly questioned the threat on the floor of the Australian Parliament.

Labor is committed to the fight against climate change. The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was our vision, and Australia’s chance to get ahead of this growing market and become a world leader in carbon trading. The Turnbull Government cannot be allowed the chance to squander that opportunity any further.

A Vote for Evan Hughes is A Vote for a Sustainable Environment